Lerow AS has a strong focus on quality and HMS initiatives

We follow at all times the strictest requirements from customers, legal and operational requirements..
We do our very best to ensure environmental and security for all employees.

Our HMS system is customized and tailored to the operations we undertake. The system is user-friendly in the sense that it is set up with mobile / iPad solutions.

The intention is that we should have a proactive approach so that the risk of accidents can be reduced to an acceptable level.

• Survey work operation

• Take compensatory measures

• Risk reduction

“Good HMS work is a structured and continuous work and the main objective is to identify and remove the factors in the working environment that involves risks for employees and to the product “


We at Lerow have great focus on documentation.. We’ve developed our own quality system which can be synchronized with the reports as demanded by our clients. in addition, we can include an image documentation if necessary..

This enables us to deliver good reports at any time.

We have a tracking system on our vessels, which means that we are constantly able to document where, when and what course the vessel has taken. We can extract reports several years back in time. 

“It is important for us to deliver good results and a good documentation after completing mission”