About Lerow

Lerow AS was established along with Leroy Midnor AS and HIB Holding AS in 2006 to serve
Lerøy Midnor fish farms. Lerow bought out Lerøy Midnor in 2013 and Lerow is now one of
15 companies in Bremnesgruppen. Our headquarters is located at Kjerringvåg, Hitra in Sør-
Trøndelag. Lerow has all together 70 employees and 9 service vessels, of which two large
vessels of 28 m and 70 m are engaged in mechanical delousing services at SkaMik.
We have 6 ROV (underwater robots) and 5 RONC for washing and inspection of nets.
We have a technical department with 3 employees, of which one is ROV technician.

Lerow operates R & D activities together with our customers to develop future solutions for
the aquaculture industry.